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Savannah’s Words

Posted in Family, Just for Fun by Laura on December 28, 2009

Update 12/29: added Sock, Congo, and All Done.

Since most of my regular readers are family members, I’m going to risk boring my other readers to death and list all the words Savannah uses right now.

I figure after a few kids (or even a few months) it’s all going to run together and we’ll never know which child said what when. And since the baby book only runs through 12 months, the Internet is going to have to stand in as the record from now on.

Indisputable, Clear Words:

Mommy-Knows-What-I’m-Saying Words:
Ball (“Bah”)
Nose (“Noh”)
Ear (“Eeh”)
Diaper (“…-pah” — first syllable varies, if it’s even present)
Bread (“Beah”)
Potty (“Pahy”)
Sock (“Yah” — she also uses this for shoe)
Congo (“Goh-go” — this is the name of my parents’ bird)

Signs Savannah Does:
Please (claps her hands rather than rubbing them together)
All done (holds hands out to show they’re empty)

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  1. Iris said, on January 4, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    That’s so cute!

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