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Adventures in Night Weaning, Part 2

Posted in Health, Parenting by Laura on October 19, 2009

After getting the dirt from the Professor on how night #2 went, there’s not much more to add. We put Savannah to bed at 10:30 with no trouble at all. She woke at 11:30, 1:30, 2:30, and 4:30 before a 5:00 waking where she got to come to our room. She went back to sleep easily each time, except maybe at 11:30 where it took something like 10 minutes.

Last night was more interesting. I put her to bed at 9:30 — commenting to the Professor that it was too easy! The Professor had to get up early this morning to teach, so I was on duty overnight this time. We hoped the smell of my milk (or my maternal weakness) would not make things harder.

When she whimpered at 1:30, I came to check on her, and she was still asleep. I heard a few more whimpers in the next hour before I finally decided to check again at 2:40. She was awake, and didn’t look too groggy. I wondered how long she’d been awake.

I sang to her; I explained that she needed to sleep in her crib now, and that she could have “milky” when it was morning. I put a reassuring hand on her, but she pushed it away. (This is normal for Savannah… she’s never been much calmed by physical touch.) She made the sign language sign for milk and I even heard her stomach grumble. After some time, she made her potty signal and I assumed she had been awake long enough that she had wet her diaper, or maybe she just needed to go and that was keeping her awake.

After 30 minutes or so, I resigned myself to picking her up to rock her to sleep. She resisted being cradled and didn’t look any sleepier after fifteen minutes of rocking. I put her back in the crib, which prompted fierce crying, but she didn’t seem terribly sleepy still.

An hour after I had entered her room, I gave up and got the Professor. Poor Savannah wailed all the louder, thinking I was leaving her, but calmed down easily when we returned.

I went back to bed at 3:40 and the Professor worked his magic. The bread machine started kneading at 4:00 (doh!* why did we set that thing to go overnight?) and slowed down Savannah’s progress toward sleep, but at 4:07, the Professor returned, triumphant, to catch an hour and a half of sleep before leaving for school.

Savannah slept from this time until 7:00, at which point she was Most. Welcome. to come nurse, as it had been ten hours since I last fed her! She ate hungrily and we slept happily until 8:30.

Last night was good progress. I hope we won’t have many more of the awake-for-an-hour-and-a-half nights, but really I feel like we’re close to the holy grail of baby sleep. Will I get 7 straight hours of sleep tonight? Check back later for that story… I’m as eager to know how that one goes as you are!

*No pun intended. 🙂

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  1. Sherry said, on October 19, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    Sounds like things are going well for you. It may take all week, but if you keep being consistent with all you are doing I feel sure you will all be sleeping better. I will pray for it to resolve quickly.
    Love, MOM.

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