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Adventures in Nightweaning, Part 1

Posted in Health, Parenting by Laura on October 18, 2009

Savannah is 12 months old and still wakes to nurse every 2-3 hours at night. The Professor and I have been talking about nightweaning “soon” for some time now, and Friday night, we finally decided to give it a whirl.

Ground rules were:

  • The Professor would be the one to go in to her on Friday and Saturday when she wakes so she wouldn’t be tempted by the smell of my milk.
  • We would not leave her to cry alone, and we would comfort her as well as we could, but the intent was for her to sleep in her crib, not in our arms. I don’t know if this is called crying it out (something I’m not a fan of in general), but we agreed to let her cry until she fell asleep in her crib.
  • I would nurse her to sleep around 10pm, and after that I would not nurse her until her first waking after 5 am, when we would bring her back to our room to sleep. She could nurse as often as she wanted once we brought her to our room.

The results after two nights? Well, the first night she cried for 45 minutes after I put her down in her crib at 10pm. Then she just decided to stop crying and, charming girl that she is, started handing the Professor the cuddly bunny that we put in the crib with her (“Daddy, I’ll give you the bunny if you pick me up!”) and babbling to him, evidently saying something about the blankets in her crib, which were nice and snug, keeping her from sitting up and rolling around. After another 30 minutes she finally dozed off.

She woke up again at midnight and 2:30am and went back to sleep pretty easily both times. The first time, she was sitting up when the Professor got to her, so he picked her up and then ended up having a little trouble when he set her back down, as she bolted awake as she always does. The second time, she was still lying down when he got to her, and she stayed asleep pretty well.

She woke up at exactly 5am and was pretty eager to nurse by then! It was much easier than usual to convince her to latch off when she was done.

Last night… well, I can’t give you the full story until the Professor wakes up from the long night. 🙂 But although she went to bed much easier initially, she did wake more frequently. Check back later for the rest of the story!

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  1. Alan said, on October 18, 2009 at 7:41 pm

    Keep us posted on the progress. It sounds like you are on the right trak.

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