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Enjoying Being Where I Am

Posted in Uncategorized by Laura on March 26, 2009

Prompted by a similar post today at Life in a Shoe, here’s a look at where I am right now.

The rhythmic breaths of a baby recently fallen asleep after a meal.
The ticking of our dining room clock.
The sound of a mouse wheel scrolling at the Professor’s computer.
The hum of my computer fan.

Nothing, but I just got done tasting delicious Greek chicken pitas with tzatziki. Yum. We’ll be making those again.

A tube of hand lotion I desperately need to use.
The face of a sweet sleeping baby.
Two cookbooks closed after a long day of cooking.
A bag of gaming dice.
Dr. Seuss’s ABC Book
A package for my sister with her shower gift, which I still haven’t mailed. I think I’ll be sending that with Mom when she visits…
Two library books gotten yesterday when I picked up my library card. (Yes, I’ve lived here for almost two years and just got a library card…)

Hints of Greek chicken and freshly-cooked pita.

Tired, full (that perfect amount that you get when eat just enough). A little overwarm from the baby (a.k.a. space heater) in my lap.

How about you?

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