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How does he do it?

Posted in Holiday by Laura on December 24, 2008

Our Blogging Hero finally returns, after one minor car repair, two long days on the road with a sick mama and baby, one trip to the children’s ER*, and one and a half days of (still in-progress) recovery at the in-laws.

The Professor is downstairs holding Savannah and playing a Lord of the Rings card game with his dad and brother. His mom is heading to the grocery store to pick up diapers and kleenex and a turkey. (Making her our Blogging Hero’s real-life hero.)

And so I come to you between coughs and sneezes to share this classic from my childhood, and to wish you a cozy Christmas Eve with lots of excitement in anticipation of the big day!

*Savannah just has a cold, but our pediatrician wanted her seen immediately since she’s so young, in case it was really pneumonia or something. The whole experience was considerably more traumatic for me than it was for her. I will say we were very lucky to have almost no wait before we were seen by the doctor — it may have taken more time to get through the line at the hospital’s Chick-fil-A than it took to get in and out of the ER.

I also think Savannah is recovering from this cold better than I am. I’m hoping this means she has her Daddy’s strong immune system, and not my embarrassingly weak one. (In fact, I’m not sure I have an immune system. I’m so susceptible to illness that I could probably even catch a cold from one of you blog visitors, so if you would, kindly cough away from your routers and cable modems and probably even your monitors.)

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